888bet Deposit Guide | How to Deposit at 888bet in 2024?

Last updated April 16, 2024

Bettors can make an 888bet deposit to their betting account via various payment methods. Here you can discover all the key details about deposits, the different payment options and solutions to common problems.

888bet Deposit Guide for Zambia

First, you can find a complete guide to all the deposit options after you have completed the 888bet registration. You must have positive funds in your account to wager on the site and on football bets.

Also, you can use the deposit options listed here to qualify for the 888bet promo code and welcome bonus.

Also, players must pay attention to the deposit limits and times. Failure to meet the requirements might lead to slower deposits and you might not qualify for the bonus offer.

888bet Deposit MethodMinimum DepositMaximum DepositDeposit Time
PawaPayZMK 3ZMK 10,000Instant

How to Deposit on 888bet with PawaPay?

At present, PawaPay is the only method players can use to send funds to their betting accounts. In the future, more options, like credit cards or mobile payments, might become available for 888bet withdrawals or deposits.

However, using PawaPay to fund your account for sports betting or casino games is quick and easy. Here you can follow a step-by-step guide on how to make a successful transfer with this method.

  1. First, head to the 888bet homepage and log in using your personal account details. If you do not have a sports or casino profile, you will need to set one up via the 888bet registration.
    Login Form 888bet
  2. Second, you can click the deposit option from the dropdown menu.
    888bet Deposit In Zambia
  3. The available payment options will display. Next, select PawaPay from the list.
  4. You will then select your mobile provider from the options.
  5. Then you will be presented with quick payment options. Alternatively, you can enter your preferred amount in the necessary box.
  6. Double check all your betting deposit details are correct and click to confirm.
  7. Lastly, you will receive a one-time PIN number via SMS. Enter this in the correct section and you can use funds to bet and play casino games.

888bet Deposit Problems

Sometimes, you might encounter issues when completing your deposit. However, if you cannot finalise your payment, do not worry as most problems can be resolved quickly.

Below you can find out more about some of the common issues bettors have when making an 888bet deposit. Although, if you cannot find a solution to your query below, contact the bookmaker directly with information about your problem.

Session Timed Out

Currently, one of the most frequent issues bettors have is when their browser session times out before the payment is complete. Often, this is due to a poor internet connection, or because the webpage has problems.

Generally, you can resolve this issue quickly. First, you can review the status of your internet connection.

If you are using WIFI, double check the connection is stable and functioning at its usual level.

Also, avoid using mobile data or public WIFI to make a payment. Public internet can be less reliable compared to home services, which can lead to a less safe deposit.

Insufficient Funds

Some players might try to make a deposit without having sufficient funds in their PawaPay account. To wager on football, casino games and other options, you must make a minimum ZMK 3 transfer to your account.

Before you sign up with 888bet or before you try to deposit, ensure your PawaPay account has the correct funds available.

Incorrect Details

Another common problem that customers have when transferring funds is entering incorrect details. Players sometimes mistype the wrong details for their registration, payment method or one-time PIN number.

Also, if bettors make too many mistakes on their deposit, then the payment is likely to be void.

Luckily, solving this issue is quick and straightforward. Before you confirm your deposit, take a few moments to review and check your details carefully.

Once you are satisfied everything is 100% correct, then press confirm.

Payment Method Not Accepted

Today, customers can only use the PawaPay payment platform to move funds to an 888bet profile. You will not be able to complete a deposit by using debit/credit cards, e-wallets or mobile money providers.

To solve this issue, ensure you have a valid and live PawaPay account.

If you do not, you can sign up at the provider to create an account. Then, you can move funds to and from your 888bet profile.

No Access from Outside Zambia

Lastly, players might try to make a deposit attempt from outside of Zambian territory. If you attempt this, your payment attempt could be rejected.

As part of the registration terms and conditions, you confirm that you are a Zambian resident and based in the country.

Therefore, do not try to deposit from outside of the country as your payment could be rejected.

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