Premier Bet Withdrawal Guide | How to Withdraw Money from Premier Bet in 2024?

Published January 27, 2023

After you win your bet, you’ll definitely want to withdraw your funds from the betting account. This is the Premier Bet Withdrawal guide for Zambian players.

Premier Bet Withdrawal Guide for Zambia

For a successful Premier Bet withdrawal, you first need to do a Premier Bet deposit. It’s simply because gambling online is a journey rather than a destination.

And the journey starts with a deposit. Let’s briefly mention the deposit process before we move any further.

  • Mobile Money
  • Crypto
  • Credit/Debit Cards

Now that you’re aware of the deposit channels, we can get to the discussion of this post. Premier Bet withdrawal process. Unfortunately, the options are very limited when it comes to Premier Bet cash out.

You can only use Zamtel, MTN, and Airtel Money. In other words, you only get to use mobile money methods for a withdrawal.

Withdrawal MethodMinimum LimitMaximum LimitFee

How to Complete the Zamtel Withdrawal?

Zamtel is one of the 3 mobile money methods applicable to Zambian punters. To use this method, you first need to login into your account and visit the withdrawal page.

Then, choose Zamtel from the list and enter your amount. Interestingly, the operator doesn’t mention any minimum or maximum withdrawal limits for any of the payment methods.

So, whatever the minimum allowed amount for Zamtel is, it would apply.

Premier Bet Withdrawal Guide

How to Complete the MTN Mobile Money Withdrawal?

The Premier Bet withdrawal process for all mobile money methods is more or less the same. So, the same approach you took for Zamtel would apply to MTN.

You login to your account, visit the withdrawal page and choose MTN. Select MTN from the dropdown list. Enter your withdrawal amount and let the operator process it.

How to Complete the Airtel Money Withdrawal?

The final method you have for withdrawal at Premier Bet is Airtel Money. This is a very commonly used method for Zambians in their day-to-day lives.

You know the drill by now. You log into your Premier Bet account, visit the withdrawal page, choose Airtel Money from the list, and go from there.

Premier Bet Withdrawal Problems

Withdrawals from online betting sites can be riddled with problems from time to time. It has nothing to do with Premier Bet or any other specific brands.

So, in this section, let’s go over some common problems you might face when dealing with a Premier Bet withdrawal from Zambia.

Withdrawal Request Not Received

Among all the problems you might face, this is the safest one. It’s simply because if your withdrawal request doesn’t go through in the first place, the question of losing money in the process is not relevant.

The most common reason behind this issue is usually an imbalance in your account. You might request more money than you’re allowed to in one transaction.

Or, your account may not have the necessary funds that you’re requesting.

It’s even possible that you have outstanding wagering requirements on one of the bonuses you may have claimed using the Premier Bet promo code. The last possibility is when you get a no deposit bonus.

It’s not a common bonus for this brand but it’s certainly possible. One of the terms for a no deposit bonus is that you must deposit first to withdraw.

If you haven’t done that, it explains why your withdrawal may not be going through.

Withdrawal Taking too Long

One of the most common complaints we get from players is that it takes too long for the withdrawal to be processed. It’s especially true for the very first withdrawal you may be requesting.

The reason simply comes down to account verification. If you haven’t done it yet, you need to do it.

The purpose of account verification is to ensure that you’re of legal gambling age, you’re a valid resident of Zambia, you have a Zambian phone number, and the payment method is registered in your name.

Sometimes, the first withdrawal may take longer even for a verified account. In this case, the issue could be with one of the aspects of verification.

Some data on one of your documents may be blurry. Or, you may have uploaded the wrong documents. Or, it might expire.

Whatever the case is, it’s the customer support that can point you in the right direction. So, use the communication channels offered on the Premier Bet website and let customer support know about your issue.

Withdrawal Failed

From time to time, it’s possible that a Premier Bet cash out fails. In this case, there’s nothing to worry about. You’re not losing the money.

If the transaction fails, the amount will return to your account automatically. If it doesn’t, you know the drill. Contacting customer support, of course.

Another reason for the withdrawal decline from Premier Bet’s end could be multiple account usage. If the operator can connect your phone number or address to multiple accounts, you won’t be able to withdraw money from that wallet.

The last reason we want to cover in this section is the use of different payment methods. For the most part, online gambling sites will require you to withdraw from the same payment you used for the deposit.

It means if you deposit with a credit card but request withdrawal with MTN, it won’t work.

To make MTN work, you’ll need to deposit using this method first. Only then you can withdraw using the mobile money method. 

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