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By promoting transparency in the online gambling industry, betbonus.co.zm helps users by providing them with the resources they need to make informed decisions when betting online or when playing at an online casino. That’s why we want to be transparent about how we operate, so you can read details in this regard.

At  betbonus.co.zm we want your experience with online sports betting and/or online casinos to be as pleasant as possible. To achieve this, we promote transparency in the gambling market and try to guide you as best as possible by providing you with quality content, innovative design and technological solutions. To achieve our goals, we hire talented people. 

Most media companies charge users for accessing content. But we at  betbonus.co.zm prefer to leave access to free content so that it can be accessed by as many users as possible.

Because we do not want to charge taxes or charge our users, we must have other sources of income.


The business model behind the betbonus.co.zm is based primarily on affiliate relationships. This business method requires gambling operators to pay betbonus.co.zm for the traffic that is redirected to them from our site. The traffic sent to the operators is quantified by the number of clicks on the affiliate links we place within texts or images, but also by the use of cookies that can detect when a user has opened an account with an igaming operator through the links on our site. 

More specifically, betbonus.co.zm earns money from licensed gambling operators in one of the following ways:

  • firstly, by collecting a percentage of the operator’s revenue generated through the redirected player’s gambling activities, for the entire period in which the player has the active game account. This is known as the “revenue share model”.
  • secondly, by collecting a certain fixed fee for each player who opens the account through our links and places a deposit. This is called a cost-per-acquisition model (CPA).
  • Sometimes, it can be a variant that combines both types of commission mentioned.

Is this a common practice? Yes! Many newspapers, travel sites, price comparison sites, blogs, betting sites etc. use this business model.

In addition, betbonus.co.zm sometimes generates revenue from the sale of on-site advertising space and the hosting of sponsored content, where gambling operators pay for exposure to the site.


This does not affect the correctness of the content on the site. What we write is not influenced in any way by the associations we have with different gambling sites. We only recommend online bookmakers and online casinos that we consider to offer the best services. We will never praise a site that is not worth it just because it is to our financial advantage. We only work with top sites we trust.

Our goal is to provide users with unbiased advice and detailed information on everything related to sports betting, casino games and other types of online gambling to help you become better bettors, or more organized casino players. We believe that only through sincerity we can gain the trust of our users.

Like other news publications, we also host sponsored content on the site that is not subject to the same editorial decisions as the rest of the content. This time the operators pay for the exposure. In order for our users to be able to differentiate between the two types of content and to know which articles and materials are based strictly on our personal opinions, we will always mark the paid content as “sponsored”.


We believe that building a trusted brand is essential to having a successful long-term business. This approach has created some problems for us over time with operators who did not receive the reviews they hoped for. But we will never compromise our integrity by providing false information that we do not believe in. The vast majority of the operators we work with know that this is our approach and mentality, and accept that our reviews are always 100% correct and objective, even if that means they will highlight less pleasant aspects.

It is not our job to protect the image of the operators we work with. On the contrary, we try to balance the positive with the negative so that our users know exactly what awaits them when they open an account. In severe cases, we may even interrupt collaboration with operators who do not meet certain standards.

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