BetLion Deposit Guide | How to Deposit at BetLion in 2024?

Published on October 9, 2023 
Published October 9, 2023

Once you have successfully opened an account with BetLion, before you bet on games such as football and other games, the next aspect that deserves attention is BetLion Deposit and BetLion Withdrawal. This guide will show you all you need to know about the BetLion payment methods.

BetLion Deposit Guide for Zambia

Bettors in Zambia can take advantage of any of the BetLion deposit methods to fund their accounts and bet on their preferred sports.

Either through the web or mobile money operators such as MTN, Airtel and Zamtel, the deposit process is very straightforward. See the table below for the deposit methods available.

Payment MethodDeposit Limits (Min/Max)Deposit Time
WebDepends on operatorInstantly
AirtelDepends on operatorInstantly
MTNDepends on operatorInstantly
ZamtelDepends on operatorInstantly

Note that the minimum deposit is decided by the tariff threshold of Airtel, MTN and Zamtel. However, bear in mind that the minimum bet amount on any sport or game including football is ZMW 2.

See below for how to complete BetLion deposits via the methods shown in the table.

How to Deposit on BetLion using the Web?

Players in Zambia can access the website to fund their accounts by following the steps below.

  • Using the BetLion mobile app or via the web version, complete quick BetLion registration or log in to your existing account. If available, use the welcome bonus offer.
Deposit on BetLion using Zamtel Deposit
  • Locate the “Deposit” button at the top left corner of the website and click on it to see the deposit page.
  • Proceed to enter the amount you want to fund your account with. If available, use the BetLion coupon code to complete your deposit. You can get matched deposits or free bets bonus by using the code if it’s available.
  • Click the “Deposit” button to confirm the operation.
  • You will receive an approval request to enter your Mobile Money Pin before your account is funded.
  • Your account will be credited immediately after you enter your unique Mobile Money Pin.
BetLion Deposit

If you do not get the approval request within one minute, contact their customer support via email immediately. A representative will respond to your email and the issue will be resolved immediately.

How to Deposit on BetLion using Airtel Deposit?

BeLion players in Zambia who use Airtel can also make BetLion deposit using their mobile money operator without the stress of using the website. Follow this guide to complete the deposit via Airtel Mobile Money Operator.

  • On your mobile phone dial *778#.
  • Press 4 to Make payments.
  • Press # to see the information on the next page.
  • Press 9 to see the various betting services.
  • Enter 3 to select BetLion.
  • Input the amount you want to deposit.
  • Enter your unique PIN.

How to Deposit on BetLion using MTN Deposit?

Users of the MTN mobile operator can also use the operator to fund their BetLion account by dialling *303# and following the steps listed below. This process does not require an internet connection to fund your account.

  • Dial *303# on your mobile phone.
  • Enter 00 to proceed.
  • Enter 1 for betting and lottery.
  • Enter 8 to select BetLion.
  • Enter the amount you wish to deposit.
  • Input your mobile money pin when prompted.
  • Alternatively, if you do not receive the PIN prompt as mentioned, please follow these steps. Dial *303#, select 9 for “my account”, then choose the option for “my approvals”, select the specific transaction and enter the PIN accordingly. Your account will be funded immediately.

How to Deposit on BetLion using Zamtel Deposit?

Zamtel is another mobile money operator that can be used to make BetLion deposits. Like others earlier listed, it’s also easy to use and very straightforward.

  • Download the mobile app or access your account via the web. Complete quick registration if you do not yet have an account.
  • Proceed to the deposit section by clicking the “Deposit” button on the website.
  • Enter your desired deposit amount and click “Deposit”.
  • You will get an approval request (PIN prompt) on your mobile phone.
  • Enter your Zamte Mobile Money Pin to complete your deposit.
  • Your deposit will immediately be added to your BetLion account.

You can deposit using all these available methods on BetLion Zambia.

Remember that the minimum deposit limit is based on Airtel, MTN and Zamtel tariff thresholds.

Also, BetLion Kenya does not have any hidden or additional charges while using these payment methods. However, you might need to confirm with your respective mobile money operator to be sure that there are no additional charges when you perform such transactions.

BetLion Deposit Problems

While BetLion strives to provide a smooth deposit experience, occasional issues may arise. Next up in this review, we outline some common deposit problems and offer solutions to help you avoid or resolve them.

Payment Rejection

Payment rejections can occur due to various reasons, such as insufficient funds or network issues.

Ensure you have sufficient balance in your mobile money account. If the problem persists, contact your mobile money service provider for assistance.

Delayed Deposit Confirmation

In some cases, delays in deposit confirmation can happen. If you don’t receive confirmation promptly, wait a few minutes.

If the delay persists, contact BetLion’s customer support, providing them with relevant transaction details for assistance.

Incorrect Mobile Money PIN

Entering the wrong Mobile Money PIN can result in a failed transaction. Double-check your PIN before confirming your deposit.

If you enter the wrong PIN, you may need to wait for a specific duration (usually a few minutes) before attempting another transaction.

Mobile Money Service Outages

Occasionally, mobile money services may experience outages or downtime.

Check the service provider’s official channels for updates on service disruptions. You can also try depositing at a later time when the service is restored.

Account Verification Issues

BetLion may require account verification for certain transactions. Ensure that your account is fully verified by providing any requested documents or information.

Contact BetLion’s support team for guidance on the verification process.

Insufficient Minimum Deposit

If you’re unable to deposit due to an insufficient balance for the minimum deposit threshold, consider topping up your mobile money account or adjusting the deposit amount to meet the minimum requirement.

Unusual Account Activity

BetLion employs security measures to detect unusual account activity. If your deposit is flagged as suspicious, contact BetLion’s customer support to verify your account and resolve any issues.

Internet Connectivity Issues

Unstable or slow internet connections can hinder the deposit process.

To avoid this, ensure you have a stable and reliable internet connection before initiating a deposit. Consider using Wi-Fi or cellular data for a more consistent experience.

By being aware of these potential deposit problems and their solutions, you can ensure a smoother and trouble-free deposit experience on BetLion. However, if you encounter any issues beyond these common ones, reach out to BetLion’s responsive customer support team for personalized assistance.

Finally, note that all methods listed in this review provide safety and security for your betting funds.

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